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What are the sequences of events that will take place the day of the visit?

1- You will sign in at the front desk and you will be welcomed by our friendly receptionist.

2- She will request identification (Driver license or passport), will copy them, and give them back to you. If you already filled out the forms from our website please hand it to her and also sign it in front of her. For 14 years and older the person on the form must sign not the parents. If the child is younger than 14 then one of the parents must sign. If you did not fill the form out ahead of time, she will hand you the forms and explain to you how to fill them. She will also give you a green paper that would explain most of the things written on this website.

3- We will call you to the exam room. If it's a family, we have a family exam room that will accommodate the entire family.

5- The doctor will do the physical exam without removing your clothes. We will give you immunization shots if you need them. Finally, if you are 2 years and older we will send you to local Beaumont lab. Please eat before you come in. After that, you will check out and pay by any form of credit card including Health Saving Account, credit card or cash, no check accepted and insurance does not cover immigration medical exam. 


6- The entire visit should take about one hours. If you have a family of 2-6 patients it may take longer. Make sure to fill and print the forms beforehand.  When you print the forms, print them on one page each not double page.



Email our civil surgeon Dr. Neil Jaddou if you have any question.


7- When do I come back?

We will call you to pick up the envelope within a week. If results are abnormal it will take 2 weeks (to get chest x-ray at our office, and go to the health department if chest x-ray result is abnormal).

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