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Fill this I-693 form since it has our address in it

Also on the bottom of page 4, put passport and # (print it on each page, not front and back)

We just received this information from USCIS:

Edition Date

07/19/22. Starting Oct. 5, 2022, we will only accept the 07/19/22 edition (expires 7/31/2025). These dates are based on when the civil surgeon signs your form, not when we receive it. This means you may also use the 09/13/21 edition if the civil surgeon signs your form by Oct. 4, 2022. If the civil surgeon signs your form on or after Oct. 5, 2022, you must use the 07/19/22 edition.

You Must USE Edge (FORMERLY, INTERNET EXPLORER) to open the new form

 Make sure to download adobe acrobat reader to be able to generate your name on all the pages. Save the form to your desktop first right click to open it with Adobe reader.  If you have issues with filling the form, come at least half an hour earlier to your appointment and we will have you sit on one of our computer stations and direct you on how to fill it and would print it for you.  Any help you need, we are there to help you.  

Also you can fill out the demographic page. You can just type it once it's downloaded, or if you prefer you can print it out and fill it with a black pen.


(DOC — 30 KB)

Instructions on how to fill I-693 form:

Fill ONLY part 1, your name, and A number at the top of each page. It is ok if you do not have an A-number.

Fill part 2 only if an interpreter is helping you with your application for I-693

1- Name: Use your legal name. If you have two last names, include both and use a hyphen (-) to separate them. If we are asked whether to use your new or old name, you must ask your immigration attorney.  

2- Home address: Give your physical street address, no P.O. Box.

3- Date of birth: Use 8 numbers, for example if you are born May 1, 1979 use 05/01/1979.

4- Place of birth: Give the name of city, town or village you were born in.

5- Country of birth: Give the name of country you were born.

6- A-number: This is alien registration file number. This starts with an "A". If you don't have it, leave it blank.

7- Signature: If the child is younger than 14, a parent or guardian should sign. IF YOUR CHILD IS 14 YEARS OR OLDER THE CHILD MUST SIGN NOT THE PARENTS.

8- Top of pages 2-14: Only type your name and A-number.

9- Bottom of page 4 please type passport and passport #

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