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Frequently Asked Questions, Immigration Medical Examination (I-693 form)

1- What do I bring with me on the day of the office visit?

Identification:Driver license, passport or any other identification.

I-693 filled form:Fill the form FROM THE "FORM ICON" above USING INTERNET EXPLORER (see above icon "forms" to fill) and print it.

2- Does Insurance cover Immigration Medical Exam?

No, insurance does not cover immigration medical exams and we will not bill the insurance for shots. For blood work for TB, Syphilis, and the Gonorrhea urine test, we will send you to the local Beaumont lab. They can bill your insurance for these tests.

3-When will I pick up my sealed envelope for immigration and my copy?

If everything is normal, it will be given you within 7 days. We will give you two envelopes: one sealed for the government which no one is allowed to open and a copy for your records which you are allowed to open. We will call you to pick up the envelope when it is ready. Do not call us unless we call you.

4- Do I need to be fasting when I come for my immigration medical exam?

No, it would be better if you ate and drank some water.  For female if you are on your menstrual cycle you can still do the test.

5- What if my TB blood test is positive called positive quantiferon blood test?

We will you to come and get a Chest X-ray prescription. If you have insurance then we can send you to Beaumont Hospital to get your x-ray. If you do not have insurance then we can do it at the Sterling Heights office for $175.  If you are pregnant you can not do chest x-ray.

If the chest x-ray is normal then we will NOT seal the envelope yet. Because your blood test is positive, this is considered Latent TB and your name will be submitted to the health department. After we get the chest x-ray report, we will have you come in and pick up the report of the blood and xray and the form and you will take it to the health department that we will give you the address. You will call them and make an appointment with them to fill their section and to see if you need to be treated. The Health Department will make that decision. After they fill their paper you will bring them back to us and we will seal the envelope whether you are treated or not. 

6-Which immunization do I need?

Most adults will need the following 3-5 shots: Tdap (Tetanus Diphtheria pertussis ), Hepatitis B, MMR (Measles Mumps & Rubella, but if you are pregnant you aren't able to receive it). Some may possibly need Varicella (chicken pox) however you aren't able to receive this one if you are pregnant as well. You may need a flu shot during flu season October-March, and Pneumonia shot if you are 65 years or older. COVID vaccine is now required for 5 years and older and must be fully vaccinated before the envelope is sealed.

For children, we will try to pull the records from the Michigan national registry. If it's not there, and you can provide us a different format from your country we can put it into the system in a Michigan (MCIR) format for a fee of $175. This program will let us know what additional shots they need.

If you already had the shots and cannot provide a written documentation, then getting them again will not hurt you. The shots can be conveniently given right at our office, price mentioned below. 

7- What if the Syphilis blood test or urine gonorrhea test is abnormal?

If the result is abnormal the lab will have to run a confirmation blood test for syphilis at an additional cost. If the confirmation test for Syphilis is normal then you do not need to be treated. If the confirmation test is abnormal then you will be sent to a specialist to be treated. There is no confirmation test for gonorrhea, if it's abnormal then you will be sent to a specialist to be treated.

8- When you arrive we will give you the following green paper to read and understand:


Green paper:

USCIS does not allow the use of medical insurance for I-693 examinations and shots

1- What will my cost be? $175 if it is done Monday-Saturday, plus immunization cost if given. Price does not include lab tests, they will bill you if insurance do not cover.

2- What are the sequences of events that will take place today? Basic Checkup, I-693 form.

3- Immunization: We will let you know which shots you need. We have all the necessary shots in our office. We do not bill insurance. The Vaccine Information Sheet VIS is on our website.

4- If I had the shots as a child but do not have the documentation, will I still need the shot? Yes, USCIS requires written proof in English.

5- If I had the shots in the past but can not prove it, and if I get it again will it hurt me? No

6- If the sealed envelope is opened or needs to be resealed for any changes, $175 charge for resealing. If it expires, was lost or you need to put a new date, $175 charge for resealing

7- Blood & Urine test: If the TB QuantiFERON blood test is positive, we will call you to do a chest x-ray at the Sterling Heights office ($175). After that, you will go to the Health Department to fill papers.

Which shots do I need? Tdap, MMR, Flu (oct-mar), & possibly varicella and COVID. 65 years and older and children required different shots

Tdap (Tetanus,diph, pertussis) with-in 10 years $110+$35 admin fee= $150

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Yes if born after 1957

Cannot be given if pregnant: $135 +$35 admin. fee = $175

Hepatitis B (up to 59 years of age) $135 +$35 admin. fee = $175

Influenza (Flu shot) Given only in October –March for 6 months and older     $50

Varicella (chickenpox) Not given if you had it as a child. Can’t give if pregnant $175

  65 years and older also need pneumonia shot ($200)

Children <18:Immunization record must be in MCIR format. We can convert it, $175 fee.

 When do I pick up my envelope? About one week. If the TB test is positive, then will take about 2 weeks. You will get a SEALED envelope and a copy for you. Will call you to pick it up.  See pick up hours below for the office you did your immigration.

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