USCIS DOCTOR - Immigration Medical Examination: I-693 form

Two Locations: Troy & Sterling Heights MI

Troy office1615 W. Big Beaver, Suite A Troy MI 
On Big Beaver 1/2 a mile east of Somerset Mall
Sterling Heights office36950 Ryan Rd, Sterling HTS
South East corner of 16 mile and Ryan

November, 2018 USCIS UPDATE

1-  Effective October 1st, 2018 New Rule by USCIS: 

-TB skin test will no longer be accepted.  

-Blood test for 2 years or older called Quantiferon Gold (IGRA) to test for TB (Tuberculosis).

2- Update from USCIS: Must use I-693 10/19/17 which is written in the lower left corner of the form, any other form will be returned by USCIS.
Welcome to, 
Somerset Family Medicine & Immigration Medical Exam I-693
USCIS approved Civil Surgeon 

- Our two offices (Troy and Sterling Heights) have been completing 
I-693 forms for many years and we have a very high success rate. 

-Due to our central locations, we are one of the busiest medical immigration offices in Michigan. 

                                            - We have done thousands of these applications.  We get many                                                          referrals from immigration lawyers, USCIS main website, former                                                  immigration patients, the Detroit Red Wings and many other                                                          companies that hires international professionals.  

                                            -Before the envelope is sealed, the application is reviewed by                                                      several members of the immigration medical team to ensure accuracy.  
Convenient Appointments, Monday -Saturday, same day or next day appointment available, sealed envelope ready in one week.

Affordable for the Entire Family
 $150 per person for Adults and Children
 We take Cash, Credit Card or health saving account credit card, no checks.  

Medical insurance does not cover immigration medical exam and it is not allowed to be accepted by any USCIS civil surgeon.  However you can use insurance for the lab tests.

 Expired I-693:We will renew your sealed expired envelope.  You can bring the old copy with you, and we can use the old immunization.  The cost for this renewal is $150.

 Immunizations are extra: • If you need an immunization, there will be additional charge. we will not bill your insurance.  You will need to pay for them.  We have all immunizations in our office.
-Majority of adults need 3-4 shots:
1- Tdap: 75+$25 administration fee =$100    
2- MMR= $100+$25 administration fee=$125   
3- Flu shot: $50 
4-possibly varicella $175.

-Elderly individuals (over 65) and children under 18 years old require different kind of shots. 

- If you are pregnant, we cannot give you MMR and varicella. If you are not sure we can do pregnancy test.

  • Blood & Urine Test Done at Quest Diagnostic Lab near our office.  

-They will send the results to our office after several days.

-You can use your insurance for blood and urine test. For Blue Care Network use Beaumont Lab.
-If you do not have insurance:We will stamp your Quest lab sheet in red so that the lab give you discounted rate.  If you use your insurance we will not stamp it in red.

Quest no insurance discounted rate: 

-15 years and older Urine Gonorrhea test plus syphilis blood test both together: $75

-Quantiferon TB test (IGRA) for 2 years and older = $130

- Total you will pay Quest lab if you are 15 and older = $205
- For 2-14 years of age, for no insurance Quest will charge $130.

Special Cases:
Vaccination supplement: Some people may require only vaccination to be entered, we can do that as well. We also have to fill a few more papers out, and then we attach a cover letter.  Cost $150.