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USCIS DOCTOR - Immigration Medical Examination: I-693 form
Frequently Asked Questions, Immigration Medical Examination (I-693 form)

1- What do I bring with me on the day of the office visit?

Identification:Driver license, passport or any other identification.  
I-693 filled form:Fill the form (see above icon forms to fill) and print it Be sure to include the demographic form. If you forget to fill it don't worry; we have it in our office.

2- Does Insurance cover Immigration Medical Exam?

No, insurance does not cover immigration medical exams and we will not bill the insurance for shots. For blood work for Syphilis and the Gonorrhea urine test, we will send you to the local Quest lab. They can bill your insurance for these tests, and if you do not have insurance they will charge you about $75. Children fourteen years and younger do not require blood or urine test.

3-When will I pick up my sealed envelope for immigration and my copy?

If everything is normal, it will be given you within 7 days. If the envelope is needed urgently, or if a person lives far away, then we can make exceptions and complete the sealed envelope more urgently; provided that everything is normal. We will give you two envelopes: one sealed for the government which no one is allowed to open and a copy for your records which you are allowed to open.

4- Do I need to be fasting when I come for my immigration medical exam?

No, it would be better if you ate and drank some water.

5- When do I come back to get my TB skin test read?

You will come back a2-3 days after we give you a TB skin test. You will just walk in, no appointment is needed. You must came back to the same office that you had your TB test at. For instance, you cannot get your TB skin test done at the Troy office and expect to walk in for your follow up at the Sterling Heights office. Please double check our business hours as they are different for each office. 

Troy office Walk-in hours for reading TB test:Monday, and Thursdays: 1-4:00pm, 
Tuesday, Wednesdays and Saturdays: 8am-10:30am. Friday closed.
Sterling Heights office Walk-in hours for reading TB test: Monday, Thursday and Friday: 8am-11. Tuesday and Wednesdays: 1-4:00.  Saturdays: 12-1:30

6- What if my TB test skin prick area is swelling greater than 5mm?
If your TB skin prick area is swelling this is an indicator that you need further testing. You will get a Chest X-ray done. If the chest x-ray is normal then no further action is needed. If the chest x-ray is abnormal, then you will referred to a specialist. If you have insurance then we can send you to Beaumont Hospital to get your x-ray.  If you do not have insurance then we can do it at Sterling Heights office for $150.

7-Which immunization do I need?

Most adults will need the following 2-4 shots: Tdap (Tetanus Diphtheria pertussis ), MMR (Measles Mumps & Rubella, but if you are pregnant you aren't able to receive it). Some may possibly need Varicella (chicken pox) however you aren't able to receive this one if you are pregnant as well. You may need a flu shot during flu season October-March, and Pneumonia shot if you are 65 years or older. For children, we will try to pull the records from the Michigan national registry. If it's not there, and you can provide us a different format from your country we can put it into the system in a Michigan (MCIR) format for a fee of $100. This program will let us know what additional shots they need. 
If you already had the shots and cannot provide a written documentation, then getting them again will not hurt you. The shots can be conveniently given right at our office. 

8- What if the Syphilis blood test or urine gonorrhea test is abnormal?
If the result is abnormal the lab will have to run a confirmation blood test for syphilis at an additional cost. If the confirmation test for Syphilis is normal then you do not need to be treated. If the confirmation test is abnormal then you will be sent to a specialist to be treated. There is no confirmation test for gonorrhea, if it's abnormal then you will be sent to a specialist to be treated. We can also treat you in our office as an office visit.

A Green paper FAQ will be given to you when you arrive at our office: 

Green paper:Neil Jaddou, M.D. USCIS designated civil surgeon, Sterling Heights office
Immigration Medical Examination (I-693 form)www.USCISDOCTOR.COM  (586) 722-7240 Sterling Heights Office, (248) 816-1010 Troy office
1- What are the sequences of events that will take place today?               
A-    Fill out I-693 form and another paper, 
If 14 years or older, the applicant must sign the I-693 form.
B-    Basic checkup, TB skin test on the left forearm, we will give you shots if you need them.
C-    You will be sent to local Quest lab to get your blood drawn for syphilis and Urine test for Gonorrhea for 15 years or older.
D-    You will come back to get TB test read.
E-     If everything is normal, you will pick up your sealed envelope and a copy for you within a week.
Note: If you had positive ppd skin test in the past please give us a written proof, you will get Chest x-ray instead. If there is no proof then we must do the skin test.
2-When do I come back to get my TB skin test (ppd skin test) read?:
For Troy office:
Return in 2-3 days to Troy office to the front desk to read your TB skin test
Walk-in,    No Appointment,  Walk-in hours:
Monday: 1pm-4pm        Tuesday: 8 am-10:30am    
Wednesday: 8am-10:30am     Thursday: 1pm-4pm      Saturday: 8 am-10:30am    

For Sterling Heights office:
Return in 2-3 days to Sterling Heights office to the front desk to read your TB skin test
Walk-in,    No Appointment,  Walk-in hours:
Monday: 8am-11am     Tuesday: 12-4pm
Wednesday: 12-3pm   Thursday: 8:am-11pm   Friday: 8am-12        Saturday: 12:00-1:30

Instructions for TB skin test:  (It is ok to give it if you are pregnant)
• You may take a shower. Do not put  band-aid on it. Do not scratch it too much.
• Mild itching, swelling, irritation is normal, usually goes away with time.
• If you do not return in 2-3 days then we will repeat the TB skin test at additional cost.
• If the swelling is 5mm or greater, then you will need  chest x-ray at an additional cost.
3-What will my cost be for the following?
a- For completing I-693 form, all follow up visits, and ppd skin test.
b- Original copy in a sealed envelope for Immigration and a copy for you to keep. 
ALL ABOVE FOR $150. Price DOES NOT INCLUDE IMMUNIZATION,(Shots),  Blood or Urine Test. If you are 15 years or older you will be sent to Quest lab close to our office to get blood  drawn and Urine test they will send results to us and Quest where you can use your insurance and if you do not have insurance they will charge you about $75 total.  

4- Does Insurance cover Immigration Medical Exam? No, it does not cover the immigration medical exam. Also, it does not cover the shots related to immigration. This is a special service performed by a USCIS civil surgeon specifically to apply for a green card for immigration purposes. It does not constitute a preventative physical therefore using your insurance is not allowed by the insurance and US rules.

5- If I had the shots and I would show you my scars but do not have the documentation to prove it, will I still need the shot?YES, USCIS requires WRITTEN PROOF IN ENGLISH for us to include it with your application. If you do not have a written proof in English, then we will give you the necessary shots. For children we will need their record in MCIR format. Our civil surgeon will discuss it with you. If the proof is in different language then you either have to be interpreted with an official interpreter with a state stamp or another option is we would have to give them to you.

6-Which immunization do I need? Most adults will need the following 2-3 shotsTdap (tetanus diphtheria, & pertussis), must be given every 10 years, ($75 plus $25 administration fee).  MMR (Measles Mumps & Rubella), ($75 plus $25 administration fee). Flu shot (Influenza) during flu season September till end of March ($50). Children shot record must be in MCIR format, if not, it must be converted to MCIR at an additional cost $100.  

7- If I had the shots in the past but can not prove it and if I get it again will it hurt me?
No. Many people are not able to provide proof for immigration and receive another shot; it is not harmful. Side-effects may include pain, itching, mild fever and redness around injection site.

8-If the envelope is opened by accident or you need to add or change information on it and needs to be resealed it will cost $150 to re-do. If it expires/ or needs a new date then the cost will be the same as if we have to do new form again ($150).
9 - When will I pick up my sealed envelope for immigration and my copy?If everything is normal then it will be given to you with-in one week of your first visit. Must show proof of photo ID for each person.